Here comes the Horse: Reflections and Resolutions

December 28, 2013

Greetings Friends and Family--here and elsewhere. 

Word on the busy streets is that the year has almost closed. It has been a pleasure, but we are quite excited for twenty-fourteen. 2014 is the year of the Horse (according to my 30 second Google research project into Chinese Astrology). Horses are supposed to be witty and charming (or was that the dragon?), I don't know. It matters not. 

 What matters, I think--as I drink this piping-hot cup of Full-Steam--is reflection more than resolutions. Resolutions are a bit of a scam, don't you agree? Going cold-turkey rarely works when one is trying to gain a new habit or get rid of an old one. Nope. Reflections, on the other hand, are quite valuable indeed. Maybe you disagree. That's alright. But here's an unsolicited idea nonetheless:

 I hereby present the Hugo Tea Method for Guaranteed Horse-Year Success and Happiness (copyright Hugo Tea Company, 2013)

Don't bother with your resolutions. Don't bother with imagining some future-you at the end of 2014, triumphant over another year. Don't bother plotting and planning your way forward. Instead, pour yourself a cup of something--tea, brandy, hell--even coffee. Take a seat. And think about the brevity of a year. A year is supposed to be a long time--but it never is. Is it really 2014? Really? Years always have a uncanny way of simply disappearing. We'd bet our bottom dollar that this nice moment of reflection with a tea in hand will give you welcome perspective. In short, it's the only way to really feel the value of that oh-so-precious commodity: time. 


And so the Hugo Tea Method for Guaranteed Horse-Year Success and Happiness (copyright Hugo Tea Company, 2013) says that it's only with this wonderful perspective that you've saunter on into the New Year happily and courageously. Because, in my completely inconsequential opinion, an aimless New Year's Resolution seems  weak compared to the simple realization that time is a tickin' and tickin'.

 I wish you the best in this Horse-Year.