Onward to Origin

April 14, 2014







It's high time for an adventure. Huzzah! Tyler from Hugo Tea (that's me), will be blogging and social media-ing his way through China for the next 18 days while he visits the farms where your Hugo Tea comes from. 

Hugo Tea is committed toward buying tea direct from farmers. This is (if we do say so ourselves), rather unprecedented in the tea industry. There's only a handful of small tea companies who actually buy direct-from-origin--Hugo Tea is one of them. 

Like everything, it's best to know where your tea comes from. As we say often: we know where our tea comes from. It's grown with care, by friends. And then it's imported direct to us in Kansas City, where we blend, flavor, and pack everything by hand.

Watch for updates and follow on social media. Got a question for the farmers or for me? Post it. I'll do my best to pass it along. 

Enough chit-chat. Let's get on with it. 

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Tyler Beckett

Hugo Tea Company