TeaSearch #1

October 09, 2013

Welcome lads and lasses.

With every #TeaSearch post we bring you high-quality, peer-reviewed research on the science of tea. Because the FDA throws whiny-fits when we make out-right claims about the health benefits of tea--we have decided to share our thousands of research articles directly with our tea-drinking friends.

For this week, we have a meta-study (a study of studies), that takes a broad look at the health benefits of tea (spoiler alert: tea makes you a superhero). 

Study Name: A Review on the Beneficial Effects of Tea Polyphenols on Human Health

Journal: International Journal of Pharmacology

Date: 2008

Overview: This study examines the effect of the range of polyphenols (plant-based compounds) found in prepared tea. You can find a brief overview of tea polyphenols in our Learn section. In short, the study concludes that there is extreme interest in the positive effect of tea polyphenols on a range of diseases: cancer, obesity, and heart disease. 

From the study, 

Animal and in vitro studies have provided evidence that the polyphenols found in tea may inhibit tlllllorigenesis in many animal models, including those for cancer of the skin, lung, oral cavity, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon, liver, pancreas, bladder and prostate.


Complete study can be found Here


Be a Tea-Drinker.