jasmine green | iced scented tea

This tea is certified organic and produced to fair labor standards.

Properly floral with a bouquet of summer jasmine blossoms, our organic iced Jasmine Green is our bold attempt at a scented iced tea with the refreshing qualities and capacity for blending as our other iced selections. We've made the grade with our partners on Long Kou farm in Guangxi, China—featuring a tippy, high-grade style of green tea from the Da Ye cultivar (known for producing juicy, well-rounded teas) that is hand-scented several times overnight with organic jasmine flowers, our iced Jasmine Green is an achievement in iced tea. Still America's most-consumed style, iced teas typically lack refinement (or they're too refined) and are never given added thought to cultivation, sourcing, or complexity of flavor. This tea is the inverse—organically produced, sourced directly from our partner farms, and with layered profiles that invigorate instead of overwhelm.

Well-suited to both hot and cold brewing, the tea comes in ultra-convenient, breathable sachets that make preparation simple. And, like this year's Jasmine Bai Hao, extracts evenly for subtle floral character and optimal sweetness. Enjoy on its own or pair it with fresh lemon slices and your favorite spirit for a fragrant summer cocktail—however you brew, Jasmine Green is the perfect centerpiece between a table of friends under the hot sun, slow-releasing a lingering aroma of fresh jasmine flower and peach nectar. 


notes | jasmine blossom // peach nectar // orchard hay



(use freshly boiled mineral water)

cold brew

(32 oz / 950 ml vessel—pitcher)

 1-2 pouches—cold water—refrigerate overnight

hot brew

 (32 oz / 950 ml vessel—pitcher)

 1-2 pouches—205ºF (96ºC)—10 minutes, then refrigerate

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