ma wei moonlight | white

This tea is certified organic and produced to fair labor standards. 

Ma Wei Moonlight is a visually striking style of white tea specific to Yunnan. Broadly known as "moonlight white" teas, our partner farm this year produced a bud-heavy version that features a gentle brown sugar sweetness and robust floral character. The large leaf material used to make moonlight white tea is typically reserved for pu'er production, with one stage of extended withering that results in a partially oxidized tea teeming with active enzymes. This lot from Ma Wei Shan farm is particularly tippy—an abundance of plump, downy buds provides the deep golden liquor, its lusciously viscous body, and huigan (lingering sweetness in the throat).

Like our Gao Wen black tea, Ma Wei Moonlight's distinct fragrance and bold flavor profile are owed to the exceedingly healthy terroir of Ma Wei Shan, which is managed by our partners to international organic standards and hosts a wide variety of wildlife and native plants that contribute to the health of the soil. The farm is swarming with chickens; both a source of traditional pest control and natural fertilizer, the tea is protected and nurtured by the fowl, and they in-turn provide for the laborers who live and work with full autonomy on the farm. The plants that become Ma Wei Moonlight flourish in this environment, ultimately producing the rounded flavor and explosively floral aroma that distinguish this tea.

Highly suitable for aging, this tea will develop complexity over the years. Because the leaves are sturdy and highly intact, it holds up well to multiple brew methods—we encourage you to experiment.


notes — gardenia | whipped cream | snickerdoodle

nomenclature — ma wei (马尾)—"horse tail"

style — yue guang bai ("moonlight white")

cultivar — da ye ("big leaf")

region — yunnan province

locale — ma mei shan farm

producer — yuanzhen li

vintage — summer 2019



(use freshly boiled mineral water)


(100 ml small vessel—yixing teapot, gaiwan)

5 grams—200°F (93°C)—15 seconds + 10 seconds each additional steep


(350 ml large vessel—teapot BOLI, kettle steeper)

2 grams—200°F (93°C)—4 minutes 

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