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This tisane is certified organic.

Hand-blended by the Hugo production team, this tisane starts with a base of organic, long-cut South African fyn rooibos, the highest grade available and the best representation we could source of "red tea"—a common misnomer attributed to rooibos infusions. What we know stateside as "black tea" is considered "red tea" in the traditional tea lexicon (due to the color of the liquor)—brewed rooibos does appear red, but is technically a tisane (herbal blend without tea).

To this nutty, earthy base we add a rotating cast of select herbs and berries—whatever's in-season, organic, and most flavorful. Currently that's tart, deep-purple hibiscus flower, juicy, antioxidant-rich zante black currant (dried berries of a sweet, seedless grape cultivar), and herbaceous lemongrass, resulting in a super juicy infusion with an overwhelming aroma of blueberry compote.

Perfect as an unparalleled, non-caffeinated herbal accompaniment to a masterful tea program, or as a personal craft beverage when you're craving nature's candy.


notes | pomegranate seed // roasted cashew // raspberry preserves



(use freshly boiled mineral water)


(200 ml small vessel—yixing teapot, gaiwan)

 we don't recommend brewing tisanes in this style


(400 ml large vessel—BOLI teapot, kettle steeper)

5 grams—205°F+ (90°C+)—5 minutes (or to preferred strength)

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