bouquet | blend

This tisane is certified organic.

Bouquet is a celebration of organic chamomile—the unsung hero of tisanes intended to relax and destress. We consciously sourced a certified organic chamomile that was both an accurate reflection of the well-tended land it was cultivated on and a complete representation of chamomile's potential as a standalone ingredient. Honey-sweet with green apple undertones, we then blended the dried flowers with organic lemongrass stalk and mint for a hint of tang and brightness.

Our expert production team carefully maintains a ratio that is chamomile-forward and that results in a tisane which, when brewed, produces a shimmering golden amber liquor with a soft aroma of daisy and peach nectar. Bouquet is ideal behind bar when customers ask for something caffeine-free (and pairs beautifully with steamed alternative milks), or for at-home when you want to unwind with a premium but unfussy herbal infusion. This is the botanical blend epitomized; functional, yet, far more importantly—true to its ingredients.


notes | almond milk // honeycomb // granny smith



(use freshly boiled mineral water)


(200 ml small vessel—yixing teapot, gaiwan)

we don't recommend brewing tisanes in this style


(400 ml large vessel—BOLI teapot, kettle steeper)

5 grams—205°F+ (90°C+)—5 minutes (or to preferred strength)

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