Long Kou Green (formerly Da Ye Xi)

Produced in southern China's Guangxi province, Long Kou Green is a session green tea with a heavily layered flavor profile. With a white sugar aroma and lush emerald liquor, this tea was designed by long-time agronomist and soil expert Mingfu Lei to be a versatile, easy-drinking green well-suited to both gongfu and western-style brewing. 

Made from the Da Ye ("Big Leaf") cultivar known for producing juicy, well-rounded teas, Long Kou Green is the product and epitome of the well-tended terroir of Long Kou farm, which features enzyme-rich soil that lends this tea a vaguely tropical sweetness reminiscent of candied palm fruits.

Our partnership with Long Kou was formed over 5 years ago—since then we've worked jointly and on-site to improve an already well-managed tea farm. The operation exceeds international organic standards and preserves the deeply biodiverse nature of the land. Long Kou is one of only three selections (2, 3) we've made from Mingfu's garden that best represents the unique and undervalued characteristics of Guangxi's terroir.

notes | oat straw // kabocha // caramelized pineapple

region | guangxi province

locale | 
long kou farm

producer |
mingfu lei

cultivar |
da ye

vintage |
spring 2018


gong fu

3 grams—100 milliliters (3.5 ounces)—180° F (77° C)—20 seconds


3.5 grams—350 milliliters (12 ounces)—180° F (77° C)—3 minutes

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Category: Staples

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