gao wen | black

This tea is certified organic and produced to fair labor standards. 

Our flagship black tea from Ma Wei Shan farm in Yunnan, Gao Wen ("High Temperature") is a fine Chinese black tea, unequivocally smooth with an aroma of melted chocolate and malt. Its namesake is the product of a co-produced, high-heat baking process that imparts a strong layer of cocoa and cinnamon bark with a subtle undertone of peat. Like with all our pure teas, this level of collaboration comes from our commitment to personal relationship development with our farmer partners—Gao Wen is an achievement of that cooperation, and an idealized "breakfast" tea.

Shaped in the classic Chinese "snail roll", the tea is remarkably intact and produces a rich, unctuous liquor. Because of the shaping and complexity of the baking process, Gao Wen holds up well to multiple steeps, revealing more of its character and the distinct flavor genre of Yunnan with each round of hot water. In China, Gao Wen is referred to as "red" tea, a reference to the rich rosewood liquor the steeped tea produces—stateside, we know this style as "black" tea, though they are functionally the same thing. 

Gao Wen is among Yunnan's best—the terroir of our partner farm is rich with species diversity and thick, healthy topsoil, making for vigorous teas that produce bold and high-powered flavors. The region is famous for pu'er production and for a traditional style of white tea, all of which share characteristics of fragrance and minerality with Gao Wen. Brew it alone for a full experience of Yunnan, or pair it with cream for a more refined morning cup.


notes | milk chocolate // cassia bark // peat

nomenclature |  gao (高)—"high" // wen (温)—"heat"

style | dianhong ("yunnan red")

cultivar | da ye ("big leaf")

region | yunnan province

locale | ma mei shan farm

producer | yuanzhen li

vintage | summer 2018



(use freshly boiled mineral water)


(200 ml small vessel—yixing teapot, gaiwan)

6 grams—205°F (96°C)—10 seconds + 15 seconds each additional steep


(400 ml large vessel—BOLI teapot, kettle steeper)

5 grams—205°F (96°C)—5 minutes

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