hibiscus berry | iced tisane

This tisane is certified organic.

Blended to both refresh and make mouths pucker, our tart and super juicy iced Hibiscus Berry tisane is hand-packed in-house with ultra-premium fyn rooibos to produce an easy-brewing, crowd-pleasing iced tea. Like our other tisanes and iced teas, each ingredient is thoughtfully-sourced and certified organic per our baseline standards. That said, we often exceed these standards in pursuit of uncommonly excellent flavor profiles—with iced Hibiscus Berry, that's exactly the case.

We pack the tisane into oversized, unbleached cellulose sachets that provide optimal breathing room for the herbs to extract evenly. These sachets are also ideally portioned for pitcher-size servings (32 oz / 950 ml), making their preparation exceedingly simple. Drop a pouch into a jug for overnight cold brew (our preferred method), or brew hot for added complexity before chilling. Both preparations produce a sweet, syrupy tisane (without any added sugar), perfect for blending with your favorite sodas and spirits.


notes | pomegranate juice // honey-roasted cashew // raspberry jam



(use freshly boiled mineral water)

cold brew

(32 oz / 950 ml vessel—pitcher)

1-2 pouches—cold water—refrigerate overnight

hot brew

(32 oz / 950 ml vessel—pitcher)

1-2 pouches—205ºF (96ºC)—10 minutes, then refrigerate


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