vanilla chai | black blend

This tea blend iscertified organic.

Like our other custom blends, the ingredients that comprise VANILLA CHAI are as thoughtfully sourced as our pure teas. Hand-blended in-house, the recipe starts with an organic black tea base—our smooth, chocolatey Gao Wen from Yunnan—and is then augmented with a spicy-sweet profile of all-organic south Asian cinnamon, ginger root, and Malabar black pepper. We then smooth out the blend with a naturally soft, creamy vanilla. The result is a loose chai tea leagues ahead of the commodity-grade blends on the market.

VANILLA CHAI was crafted in response to high demand for a loose tea version of our barista-approved chai concentrate—now, Hugo chai can be brewed and sweetened to individual liking, either at home or on bar. As eye-catching as it is flavorful, the blend produces a deep cherry red liquor with an aromatic bouquet of masala spices and sweet cream. Rich, full-bodied, and spice-forward, our certified organic VANILLA CHAI blend is a superior tea experience, and like all our teas, is fully traceable from source to cup.


notes — roasted tea | sweet cream | toasted cardamom



(use freshly boiled mineral water)


(100 ml small vessel—yixing teapot, gaiwan)

brewing vanilla chai in this style is not recommended


(350 ml large vessel—BOLI teapot, kettle steeper)

4 grams—205°F (96°C)—5 minutes