fyn rooibos | tisane

This tisane is certified organic.

Fyn Rooibos—the highest grade of long-cut South African rooibos available—is packed with polyphenols and amino acids that lend the herb its distinctive ruby red liquor and nutty flavor profile. Sourcing botanicals for tisanes and tea blends at Hugo is an intensive process: our baselines standards require organic certification at origin and here in Kansas City, strong sustainability and ethical practices at the farm-level, and, of course, a robust taste and aroma that is a pleasure to drink. Fyn rooibos is the first pure Hugo tisane to exceed these standards.

A primary feature of our Berry Rooibos tisane, pure Fyn Rooibos shines as a standalone herb. Also referred to as South African "bush tea", the brewed herb produces a cherry-red liquor and tastes of toasted nuts with a slight tang at finish. Purported to have numerous nutritional benefits, rooibos infusions are a popular beverage among the health-conscious—that said, Hugo tisanes are sourced with the intention of offering the finest, highest-quality representation of herbs first. Providing an unblended, unadulterated rooibos is our expression of confidence in all our selections, herbal and otherwise.

notes | toasted almond // turmeric root // gala apple



(use freshly boiled mineral water)


 (200 ml small vessel—yixing teapot, gaiwan)

 we don't recommend brewing tisanes in this style


 (400 ml large vessel—BOLI teapot, kettle steeper)

 5 grams—205°F+ (90°C+)—5 minutes (or to preferred strength)

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