fyn rooibos | tisane

This tisane is certified organic.

FYN ROOIBOS is our flagship tisane, and our most masterful on offer. While our full non-tea lineup showcases our focused work as blenders and herbalists, this pure, long-cut rooibos sourced direct from an organic farm in South Africa's Cederberg mountains meets our most important sourcing standard—that the steeped plant clearly represents the land it was cultivated on. The Fynbos belt, a topographically Mediterranean shrubland, is home to a biodiverse ecosystem that imbues the rooibos bush with a distinct earthy sweetness and minerality found only in organic herbs. 

Produced in the traditional oxidized style, this tisane features a robust aged quality that invokes savory notes of roasted nuts and root vegetables. Organically-grown rooibos maintains the zesty depth and creamy sweetness of the green (unoxidized) variety, of which FYN ROOIBOS is a perfect example—syrupy like caramelized citrus fruit with a smooth finish of mellow vanilla seed, rounded by the big body and nutty aroma imparted by oxidation.

For shops that prioritize single-origin coffee programs, FYN ROOIBOS is a model addition to the lineup. Caffeine-free and sourced with elevated signature beverage service in mind, this tisane is unequaled in its applications—serve chilled over rocks with nut mylk and citrus simple, or hot with thin orange peel garnish and a side of candied almonds.

notes — marmalade | turmeric root | vanilla bean



(use freshly boiled mineral water)


 (100 ml small vessel—yixing teapot, gaiwan)

 we don't recommend brewing tisanes in this style


 (350 ml large vessel—teapot BOLI, kettle steeper)

 3 grams—205°F+ (90°C+)—5 minutes (or to preferred strength)

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