Gui Shan | Oolong

This tea iscertified organic.

Gui Shan is a lightly oxidized, crinkle-rolled oolong in the style of tieguanyin. This lot is the brainchild of Mingfu Lei, our project tea producer at Long Kou FarmAs a wine connoisseur, Mingfu focuses on aroma in his tea producing efforts (e.g. Jasmine Bai Hao). This year, we collaborated with him on a deeply floral TGY-style oolong with layered herbaceous notes and forward, bright spice as a foil to the Anxi classic (known for sweet freshness with mild tang).

Gui Shan loosely translates to "Guangxi (Gui) Folding Fan (Shan)"—named so for its distinctive shaping. A modernist lot with qing xiang ("light fragrance") styling (light oxidation, gentle bruise).

notes —
sandalwood | white pepper | sharp

nomenclature — gui ()—"guangxi" | shan (扇 / 山)—"folding fan / mountain"

style — tieguanyin

cultivar — qing xin da mao

region — guangxi province, china

locale — long kou farm

producer — mingfu lei

vintage — spring '20


(use soft, freshly boiled water)

[300 ml+ vessel — BOLI, large teapot]

4 grams — 180°F (82°C) — 1:30 minutes

[150 ml- vessel — gaiwan, small teapot]

5 grams — 180°F (82°C) — 5 seconds
+10 seconds each additional steep