This tea is certified organic.

LONG KOU MAOFENG is a maofeng-style green tea from Guangxi, China. Our project rendition of the Anhui standard (known as Huangshan Maofeng) is produced at Long Kou tea farm, a low-intervention garden in north-central Liuzhou (where our project dongfang meiren, tieguanyin, and house jasmine are produced). This lot is of da ye cultivar tea trees hand-plucked in mid-April at a 1:1 (1 bud : 1 leaf) plucking standard, with a small proportion of older leaves blended into the lot.

What qualifies this tea as "project" is its lineage. Typically made with small leaf varietals endemic to Huangshan in Anhui, this lot is of large leaf cutlivar material from middle-aged trees, making for developed sugars and big body with all the delicacy and comforting qualities of genuine maofeng. Its processing is classic: hand-plucked, pan-fired to fix, and baked low and slow in drawers over charcoals.

Highly sessionable, LONG KOU MAOFENG is easy-drinking and mellow. Steep a healthy pinch with slightly cooler water for bouncy sugars, baked pear, and the classic "chestnut" note of haungshan maofeng. Hotter water will produce a grassier profile with medium astringency. Highly suitable for grandpa style (loose leaves steeped in a mug, sipped and strained through the teeth, and topped off with hot water when the cup is nearly empty).

We source our green teas fresh each year at harvest. But like all green teas, this lot will begin to "stale" after 1 year. This process is greatly stunted by proper storage (our bulk bags are ziptop) and refrigeration.

notes —
baked pear | sweet corn | mellow

nomenclature — long kou (龙口)—"dragon's mouth" | maofeng (毛峰)—"fur peak"

style — maofeng ("fur peak")

cultivar — da ye ("big leaf")

region —Liuzhou, Guangxi, China

locale — Long Kou tea farm ("Dragon's Mouth")

elevation — 400 meters

producer — Mingfu Lei

vintage — spring tea ('20)


(use freshly boiled spring water)

[300 ml+ vessel — BOLI, large teapot]

4 grams — 180°F (82°C) — 2 minutes

[150 ml- vessel — gaiwan, small teapot]

6 grams — 180°F (82°C) — 15 seconds
+10 seconds each additional steep