Hugo Palmer

Hugo Palmer

Golf legend Arnold Palmer mixed this drink before each of his 62 PGA Tour wins.
Our riff on his classic recipe with smooth black tea, tart lemon, and masala chai :

1 | Steep tea.

Arnold used black tea. For optimal smoothness and a fuller body, we opt for GAO WEN, a whole leaf black tea from Yunnan.
Add 4 grams of tea to your steeping vessel, and steep in 110 grams of hot water (about 4 ounces) for 3 minutes.

2 | Decant and mix.

Pour finished tea over 90 grams ice (3-4 cubes; ice should melt slightly).
Add .25 oz lemon juice (half a tablespoon), .75 oz chai concentrate, and .50 oz simple syrup (alternatively, melt cane sugar into tea when steeping).
Mix vigorously. This will yield 8 oz of liquid.

3 | Finish.

Fill a 16 oz glass with ice, layering slices of fresh or dried lemon. 
Pour over tea mix.
Garnish with bruised thyme sprig (slap it!) and a thin sliver of fresh lemon.

For a no-chai version Arnold would recognize, 
use 6 grams of tea, 120 grams of water, and .75 ounces of simple.


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